Kayak Reviews; How to Choose the Best One?

If you are someone who is into water sports, the thought of owning a Kayak you have surely crossed your mind. And honestly, it’s quite an exhilarating experience and, at the same time, a little overwhelming.

You might have read multiple Kayak Reviews, and that can cause even more confusion with everything available for you.

So, how to find out which kayak is the best one for you? How to go ahead with the buying options. Let’s take a look at it and try to break down points to understand better what’s best for you.

Types of Kayaks

There are majorly three types of kayaks depending on their usage and how they function.

Sit On Type

If you want to go fishing in the middle of a water body, sit on kayak type should be a perfect choice. These are beginner-friendly and comparatively much easier to use and access when compared to other types of kayaks.

If someone has a little bit of trouble getting on and off the kayak, these are a perfect fit for them. They provide the right support and good stability, both while getting on and off the boat, irrespective of an individual’s weight. These types of kayaks do not require too much maintenance after use. They are self-bailing. The scuppers provided would automatically lead to water drainage.

Sit-In Type

These are made having a cockpit and are more of a traditional pattern type of kayak. The various features provided in this can help you prevent water from entering the kayak and, at the same time, provide considerable coverage from water and air. So if you do not like little droplets of water constantly splashing on you, then sit-in type is the best option for you to consider.

Also, if you plan on taking a few things along with you, such as eatables or anything else, these types would make a great choice as they have much more surface and extra storage space provided.

These are big enough, and you can take someone along with you without having to worry about being squished into a small space. You’ll have enough room and a gala of time to enjoy.

When comparing the Sit type and Sit On type, paddling is much easier in the Sit-in type due to the lower centre of gravity. So if you want to work a little less, do not want water splashes, and still be able to enjoy your kayak drive on water, then go for Sit-In type. It would be a perfect choice to make.

Inflatable Kayak

If you are someone who constantly travels to various places and would like to carry along your kayak to every watering-place possible, then an inflatable Kayak would make a perfect fit for you. They are durable and easy to live with.

All you have to do is deflate it when not using it and inflate it whenever you’d like to go water sporting. The ease of carrying and usage is what has made Inflatable Kayak a good fit for many.

These types are considered to be amazing for beginners and people who want to buy their first kayak. Yet, take good time to think about which type will suit your needs the most. Except for the type, there are other factors too that should be considered while buying a kayak.

Weight Capacity

When mentioned above and sit-on types, they can handle and give good stability and support while getting on and off irrespective of weight does not mean that four people will get on one kayak and expect it to work. It’ll most probably drown in the worst-case scenario.

Hence asking the accurate weight capacity handled by your kayak before your purchase is important. All kayaks have a different weight capacity. So to clarify it well before purchase. It would help prevent any future troubles.

Length and Width

You have to carry your kayak whenever you want to use it, and hence keeping in mind the length and width of it is equally important.

Also, the length and width matter depending on your needs and usage and the type of experience you would want. For example, a narrow and long kayak would move faster and mostly in a straight direction, which could become a little difficult when you want to turn around.

While a shorter and broader would be easy to turn around but the speed would be less as it has more surface area that cutes through the air at each point. So shorter and wider ones are the best choice for beginners to make.

When you’re looking for any kayak Review before you buy it, keep in mind all the points mentioned above and make a comparison accordingly.

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