Some amazing facts about Pokemon to know about

Childhood was warm due to Pikachu. It feels nostalgic to play Pokemon as it is the most appealing game today. There is nothing to hide in the pokemon sale number in 2019-2020. Also, during the crashing year, Saudi Arabia banned pokemon video games due to increased accidents. Last year, the Pokemon franchise attained its 20th anniversary. The pokemon splash is not about water.

However, Pokemon sun and moon have the highest number of players than other pokemon types. There are about eight hundred pocket monsters. The Japanese Franchise company runs the video gaming franchise. In the year 1996, Santosh Tajiri designed the famous Pokemon Go video game. The word “Pokemon” means pocket monsters, and most of the monsters are named puns. Well, here are some of the few fun facts to know about the Pokemon video games:

  1. There is a fishing activity in pokemon red and pokemon blue gyms.
  2. There are different original names for Pokemon characters.
  3. Mewtwo is hard to find.
  4. There are different Rotom designs.
  5. The first western to design pokemon go.

Many might not know Pikachu was not the original mascot. However, the character Pikachu gained more popularity than the main mascot, Chefairy. Also, the first language of the game was Japanese. It is to know that players are selling the pokemon go account mewtwo due to the rising number of users. So, without any more delay, let us now dive into the facts in a detailed explanation way:

  • The pokemon splash is not about water:

By the word splash, you must have thought about water. But the word splash means hop in Japanese. So, the game was about the hop effect. However, there are other pokemon game types based on the hopping features.

  • There is a fishing activity in pokemon red and pokemon blue gyms:

Pokemon red and pokemon blue gyms have an exciting fishing feature. The old version did not have this feature, and it was hard to understand the game. Also, it was hard to find pocket monsters in the game. Thus, it is considered one of the hard pokemon gaming versions.

  • There are different original names for Pokemon characters:

Almost all pocket monsters have distinct names. So, you must have heard about Koffing and Weezing. Their original names are Ny and La. These names represent the pollution rise in New York and Loss Angeles. So, the pocket monsters have different names to know about it.

  • Mewtwo is hard to find:

Mewtwo is the strongest pocket monster to find to date. It is hard to find due to two mega evolutions. It also has immense psychic power. Thus, the pokemon sale is rising due to the Mewtwo pokemon go. Also, players are selling their Mewtwo accounts in an auction.

  • There are different Rotom designs:

You might have noticed different Rotom designs in different Pokemon versions. There are different types like heat Rotom, wash Rotom, Frost Rotom, etc. The primary Pokemon gaming designers designed the first Rotom. Lee HyunJung, Hiroki Fuchino, and Motofumi Fujiwara are some of the designers of Rotom.

  • The first western to design pokemon go:-

James Turner was the first British to design pokemon go in 2010. The designer built seven pocket monsters named black, white, X, Y, sun, moon, etc. However, Japanese graphic designers have made most of the gaming versions. The British designer has indeed changed the gaming history of Pokemon video game versions. The mentioned ones were some of the fun facts of Pokemon Go. More points on the fact list. So, download the game now and experience the unrealistic gaming world.

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