What are the features of fireproof mortar?

Steel buildings, ventilation systems, industrial wall systems, and foundations are all protected using Nhat Phong fireproof concrete for column steel constructions. Vermiculite is the major constituent, which combines a portland cement foundation with a low density. Developed for inside and outdoor fire protection, it can be applied on both steel and concrete.

Is fireproof mortar safe to use?

Characteristics of fireproof brickwork for column steel structures with a 120-minute fire resistance limit are best to construct your building. The fire-resistant foundation for column steel structures has an ultra-light construction, is made of inorganic shielding fireproof elements, doesn’t irritate the skin, and is completely safe to use. This is a good option for fire protection, complete insulation, and ease of installation. The manufacturer’s sponge-like features help to heat transmission and acoustic energy obstruction.

Where can I find high-quality fireproof brickwork for a column steel building with a 120-minute standard fire limit?

Many shareholders are looking for low-cost, high-quality fireproof mortar. Nhat Phong Construction Investment Co., Ltd is a specialist unit specializing in providing alternatives for Fire Suppression Systems for houses and buildings, with a focus on primary products such as fireproof components, produce, consultancy services, service configuration, construction, maintenance, and repair of fire suppression systems. With many decades at least of experience in the area of having provided fire protection product lines.

Is fireproof safe while fire?

Our mission is to ensure that everyone in society is safe in the event of a fire. We have serviced hundreds of clients in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby regions with a team of experienced engineers and staff with extensive experience in the field of fire safety measures. Client satisfaction is living proof of Nhat Phong Construction Investment Co., Ltd.’s prestige and proficiency.

Nhat Phong Investment and Construction Co., Ltd.’s fireproof mortar products have been tested for quality by major centers around the country. Also, here https://phongchaynhatphong.com/vua-chong-chay-cho-ket-cau-thep-cot-co-gioi-han-chiu-lua-120-phut/ to know the price list of bảng giá vữa chống cháy.

There is always a necessity for a passive fireproof composite material to safeguard steel structures as well as other structures in projects such as load-bearing steel construction buildings, buildings, factories, commercial centers, and high-rise residences. regions with human activity to protect the safety of the workers and the public in the event of a fire Fireproof masonry for column steel structures with a 120-minute standard fire limit is a typical product.

What effect does fireproof mortar have on a column steel building with a 120-minute standard fire limit?

Steel is an extremely significant element in the building sector. It was commonly utilized as reinforcement in concrete pouring in the past. However, with the advancement of technology, enormous structures are increasingly frequently constructed. Traditionally, the steel structural solution is often employed in industrial buildings. The steel material, on the other hand, provides a sturdy and stable construction. Heat, on the other hand, is a highly hazardous foe. So, make sure to use the best fire resistance or fireproof solution for your construction work.

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