How the Kink Test Determine your Unrevealed Desires

For the Unaware

Many of you might still not be aware of your hidden desires. Earlier, people used to be very secretive about their fetish, but today, many have started to open up about their kinks. However, the topic might be a little talked-about, but you can still explore your hidden pleasures through a test or a kink quiz.

If you are someone new to this, the test will give some fantastic ideas to try first time with your partner. However, those who already have deep knowledge about their kinks will get an opportunity to explore much more through the quiz.

What it Includes

To know your sexual fixation is quite necessary to fix your relationship with your partners and, most importantly, with yourself. The quiz comprises questions related to the common desires of individuals or, commonly, the sexual desires varying from one individual to another. In the test, you will get questions related to pleasures one might wish to explore, and you need to answer them on a scale of your likeliness to go into that.

The kink test determines your fantasies while sexual activities. The questions might include whether your preference is to be submissive or dominant during the whole time. Some might be wanting to switch and get both experiences. The matter is about personal choice, and this test makes you aware of the choices even you might be hearing for the first time!

The Popular Kinks

When gone through research, especially in lockdown times, when everyone is at home with their partners or some are alone in a long-distance relationship, the most liked desires were put as the answers. However, what people have told might be the same you want or might not. So here are the common kinks what the test includes:

  • Role Play

It is the act of sexual fantasies with your partner and playing your imagination or scenarios.

  • Virtual Sex

It the most common for long-distance partners to get into some intimacy.

  • Bondage

When one partner bounds the other and both enjoy the act completely with complete consent, it is the activity.

  • Sensation Play

In this play, the partners are involved in sensational activities like blindfolding or using some ice cubes to increase the fun.

  • Foot Fetish

This kink involves several activities such as massaging, kissing, or smelling to give pleasure to your partners.

  • Lingerie

There exist a whole crowd of people who get excited with the lingerie their partner is wearing. And it can be used to get some extra passion for your desires.

  • Orgasm Control

The activity involves bringing one partner on the verge of climax and then stopping. The act is repeated many times to make your partner orgasm when you want.

People now have come out of the traditional intimacy and want to explore some new fetishes, some of which have been mentioned. The kink test reveals the desires of a person outside of the norm.

The Kink Test

Most questions in this quiz revolve around the Submissive and Dominant approaches. The preference of being at the giving end or receiving end lets you know the type of sexual obsession you hold. Some questions that are included in the test might be:

  • Will you try Swinging?

The act of changing partners might not be pleasing to many but choice is dependent on consent, and when there is consent, you can try anything. Still, the idea might be horrible for many like me, but it is alright if you don’t think so!

  • Do you like Being tied up?

The answer tells your submissive or dominant nature with your partner. Whether you are the one who ties up or you want to be tied, might tell the obsession you hold in bed.

  • What is your favourite kink?

The question gives you a chance to explore deeper into your hidden desires and what you might find loving.
There might be some questions that can appear in the test, but they will not tell you for all of them. So take the kink quiz now.

Why you should take it

Firstly, the test gives you all the ideas you can try for playing and pleasure at the same time. It gives some tinge of fantasies and makes you aware of the kinks you might not be aware of. The test helps improve your intimate relationships by adding more fun to them. And the rest answers you will get after trying your test!

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