Take Harry Potter House Quiz With Few Taps To Know Where You Belong

Harry Potter is not only a movie but a fantasy land that most people would give their soul to be in. It has taken us all on an adventurous trip which made all the stress vanish away for a few hours. It’s a journey of movies in which we live along with the characters and their interesting story. It all starts with our dream boy Harry visiting Hogwarts, a special place for all the pureblood people. Still, there are some exceptions, like Hermione, who stole innumerable hearts with her cuteness.

The essential task to be done after getting into Hogwarts

When coming to Hogwarts, other than defending Voldemort, the main task was to get the houses sorted according to the qualities of every character. Naturally, this has evoked the emotions of many people as they want to know where they will belong if they were in the movie, but here is a great opportunity presented to all the potter heads as there is a harry potter house quiz that is available for all the fans to get into their houses by the time it’s too late.

Little insight about the house

Those who have binged-watched all the Harry Potter and still do it on weekends to have a great time, it is crucial to know all the qualities these four houses have for you to wish which house you can get into. But eventually, it’s the cap that will decide the faith of every student.

Gryffindor– There Is nobody who does not know that Harry and all the famous kind-hearted people from Hogwarts were in this house. This is what Harry wished that he would be in, and he exactly got that house. In the last scene, it was evident that Neville Longbottom saved Harry by killing Nagini. That shows how helpful Gryffindor members are; the history goes back to times as Harry’s parents and Dumbledore have been in this house.

Slytherin– It is good to be a little evil at times to experience the thrill of life. A snake is slithering along in the green luxury logo, which makes it more attractive. We all know how Draco was so ambitious to defeat Harry, and the cunningness is so helpful for the house members to get whatever they want. This house is presented in a negative light that has made the entire aura of the housemate so evil, which makes the plot much more fun to watch.

Hufflepuff– This house is the one where they give utmost importance to handwork and patience. They are loyal in every aspect, which makes the house the best one to get in. Fair play is a feature that is essential to make every game interesting. Getting into this house is an honourable position as there are many popular people in it, Like Cedric Diggory, who made everyone emotional as Voldemort killed him.

Raven claw-Intelligence is a quality that is needed to get through any trouble. Having adequate knowledge is a quality that is most respected as it requires planning. Luna Lovegood was a character that was adored by all because of the ultimate cuteness.

More about the quiz

Now, as there has been a gist about all the houses, it is tempting to know where you belong and for that there is the site of harry potter house quiz which will ask you different questions to make sure you get your house the quiz ends. This can be a fun activity to indulge into on a boring day. People will find the movies much more interesting after knowing where they belong as they will start to reconnect with the characters.

The questions are fun that will help you brainstorm about your likings as the whole quiz is designed for people to get to know themselves a lot better. It is an enjoyable task to take with your friends when you accompany each other. The site and quiz are designed to be simple with the help of which anyone can take the questions easily, be it of any age. The questions are not based on the movie, which means that people don’t have to stress out if they don’t remember any part because these questions are based on your personal preference.

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